I attended the Lang8 meetup!

I attended the Lang8 meetup!

It was held on March 12th 8Pm at the cafe named "Factory" located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The meetup gathered a dozen people including Yangyang san, the CEO of Lang8, and Sasa-tatsu san who recently joined to Lang8, and other Lang8 users.


Sasa-tatsu san is a Ruby on Rails hacker. He said he had been longing to join a venture conpany like Lang8 and challenge his ability.

I heard that Lang8 is not making enough profits, and they are trying to get mre funds and make Lang8 a more stable and sustainable service.

Despti Lang8 having so many users and giving us such good service, they are struggling with money. 

I really hope they will succeed in the business, and make Lang8 into a better and more useful web service.